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    British Parts International :: Range Rover EAS

    Range Rover EAS
    Learn a little about your EAS system and be informed!

    A Beginner's Guide to Spring Kits EAS Problems Real Stories about Spring Kits Spring Kit FAQ Buy a Spring Kit

    What exactly is EAS?
    What are some common EAS Problems?
    How much does an EAS cost to repair?
    How do I fix an EAS?

    What exactly is EAS?

    Range Rovers from 1993 on are equipped with an Electronic Air Suspension (EAS). The EAS helps optimize ride height by adjusting each air spring according to load distribution. To help negotiate off-road trails, terrain sensing software opens cross-link valves connecting the air springs. Basically, the EAS will automatically inflate or deflate your air springs depending on speed, terrain, etc...

    What are some common EAS Problems?

    The EAS is a great concept but a complicated reality. EAS systems are fraught with frequent and expensive problems.

    Problem #1: The Electronic Air Suspension comprises many different parts.
    Problem #2: If any of these parts fail, the EAS is rendered useless.
    Problem #3: Many of these parts are very expensive.
    Problem #4: Repairing an EAS will not prevent future problems. In fact, EAS problems often recur.

    How can I tell if my EAS has failed?

    When an EAS fails, it will usually be fairly obvious. A dashboard error light reading "EAS FAULT" may appear. In addition, air springs may deflate. This usually happens very quickly. It can even happen while driving, creating a very stressful experience. Read our testimonials page for real stories about EAS failures!

    Can I tell when my EAS is about to fail?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when an EAS failure will occur. Failures usually happen quickly and can happen at very inopportune times, like during an off-road excursion far away from civilization or even while cruising along a highway at 70 mph (112 kph). Some Range Rover owners never experience an EAS failure. Others get stranded on the side of the road by their EAS (Read a true story here). Some EAS problems cost $800 (£430.00) to fix. Others cost $5,000 (£2,700.00). The best solution is to prevent all EAS problems by converting your air springs to steel springs.

    How much does an EAS cost to repair?

    The cost of a complete EAS replacement (which is not uncommon) is about $5,000.00. Expect to pay less if your EAS system does not require complete replacement. Of special note is that many Range Rover owners have had to deal with recurring EAS problems. Multiple failures can drive up repair costs dramatically.

    A failure in any of the major EAS components can cause an error in the system. Many times the result is deflated air springs. The springs can completely deflate, causing the Range Rover to ride on its bump stops. Driving in this position can cause major damage to the vehicle. However, if the EAS fails while on the road, driving on the bump stops can be unavoidable. A list of the major EAS components and their associated list prices can be found below. A failure in any of these components can cause the air springs to deflate and render the EAS useless.

    Major EAS Components and Associated Costs
    2 Rear Air Springs $900.00 £490.00
    Valve Block $300.00 £160.00
    Compressor $500.00 £272.00
    Suspension Control Module $400.00 £215.00
    Height Sensor $200.00 £110.00
    Total Cost (excluding labor) $2,300.00 £1250.00

    How do I fix an EAS?

    To fix a faulty EAS system, you must take your Range Rover to a dealer with a diagnostic system (preferrably the ROVACOM or ROVACOM Lite Land Rover diagnostic system, although others will work). The diagnostic software will indicate which EAS components have failed and need to be repaired. After diagnosis, you can get an idea of the cost of EAS repair. However, a popular and affordable alternative to EAS repair does exist.

    Is there a better solution?

    Instead of spending a lot of money to repair a faulty EAS, many Range Rover owners have opted to convert to steel springs. These springs not only eliminate all 4 EAS problems, but also improve the ride and handling of your Range Rover. The conversion to steel springs does not damage any part of the EAS and is completely reversible. Best of all, it can save Range Rover owners a lot of anxiety and money.

    Eliminate Unreliable Air Springs!

    Many Range Rover owners realize the potential problems with their EAS. Instead of risking expensive repair and an untimely EAS failure, they have opted to convert to coil springs. These Range Rover owners have looked at the numbers and decided to convert with Motorcars LTD's Black Dog Spring Conversion Kit.

    Learn more exactly how the BPI Spring conversion kit works using this link: Spring Kit FAQ. Or for questions or more information, call 800-231-6563 ext.450 or email: Contact Us

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